Simply Mac

ShopInformer has changed the way we run our stores. It took a sometimes confusing experience for the customer to a streamlined process where we can easily manage and separate the different customer segments providing a quicker and superior customer experience.   The store managers love the GSX integration that allows every employee to book an appointment without having to leave ShopInformer or requiring GSX access.   The field leaders appreciate the built-in reporting providing them with real-time statistics across multiple locations.   While all of those features are changing our business for the better the best part of ShopInformer is the fast response from the support team if a problem ever arises (which hasn’t happened much but you truly appreciate it when it does). Thanks for putting out a great product. Can’t wait to see what features you add next.

-Howard Young

Small Dog Electronics

ShopInformer has helped us to overcome two consistent issues in our store, long lines and customers feeling as though they are being ignored. With ShopInformer we are able to consistently manage the flow of customers on both the retail and service side of our business, it allows staff to better prioritize customer needs and our customers do no feel ignored. On a higher level, it has allowed management to better staff and adjust the direction of the company. Now we are able to collect consistent data in regards to why and what customers need when they enter our store.

-Emily Dolloff


ShopInformer has become an invaluable tool for our business. Prior to ShopInformer our data primarily came from our point of sale software, GSX appointment statistics, and anecdotal staff observation, but these data sources were painting an incomplete picture. ShopInformer has provided us with the information necessary to identify customer needs, staff our store appropriately, eliminate long lines, and even choose our new store location. There is no other single tool that has helped our business gain efficiency more than ShopInformer.

Since rolling out ShopInformer we now know exactly how many people are in our store everyday and what they are there for - allowing us to staff not only the right amount of employees but those with the right skill set, so we can best help our customers. Having this data over time has shown trends in traffic flow with our student population, allowing staff scheduling to follow suit resulting in reduced payroll costs. 

ShopInformer showed us that iOS accounts for the largest percentage of customers coming into our store. Of that percentage, a large amount was customers coming in with iOS issues without an appointment.  After seeing this, we increased our iOS appointment availability.

The live queue system allows staff to identify the reason a customer is in our store prior to them approaching the counter, giving us time to prepare to meet the customer’s needs, allowing for a more pleasant and efficient interaction. It also gives customers a chance to spend their wait time browsing our showroom rather than feeling compelled to wait in a line to be seen. 

ShopInformer also has been instrumental in helping us relocate our retail store. With more complete customer data, we were able to match up a retail location to meet our internal needs, as well as those of our customers, saving us money and improving customer experience.

By understanding why and when our customers are coming into the store, we have been able to adjust services and staffing, and make proactive decisions for our next store, none of which would have been possible without ShopInformer. I can say with confidence that ShopInformer has been the most valuable tool I have deployed for my business since opening our doors nearly ten years ago.

-Jim Dufek